FOTS Records



Words by Angus Venters
Free Improvisation with Rick Taylor, John Burgess, Malcolm McFarlane, Alana MacInnes, Caitlin MacNeil and Judith Bullivant


VENT 52 aka Dr. Angus Venters has been a poet of sorts most of his life, and has worked in healthcare, management and business around the country. He has been severely damaged by long exposure to Science Fiction and comics, and often sees the world somewhat askew.

Rick is a master musician and composer and is one of the best jazz trombonists on the planet. He is driven to create new things and on Skye has encouraged the creation of music by many people who might otherwise never have had the opportunity. With his long suffering partner, Pam Allan, he has set up FOTS Records.

This album was created in a shed on the Isle of Skye, looking down the Sound of Sleat in Rick's garden over the course of two years. Mostly, it has been done for fun, but we have tried to make something that we might want to hear ourselves. The soundscape that enhance some of the tracks were created so that if you shut your eyes you should be able to imagine yourself in the place where it occurs.
Just don't do that when driving or crossing the road.
Angus Venters. 

For Downloads of In 'The Belly of The Whale' please follow the link.

A Touch of Strange

 Well if you found a mermaid stranded in a rock pool what would you do?!