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                                      Skye Swing & Jazz Festival 2017                                                                           

27th - 29th October

3 days of exceptional music, fun and dancing in beautiful South Skye

                                Friday 27th October                                

Graeme Stephen - Sunrise a Song For Two Humans
The Skye Swing Jazz Festival kicks off with an Oscar-winning film, accompanied by an innovative musical score, played live by one of Scotland’s most exciting and prodigious musical talents.

Graeme Stephen’s score for F W Murnau's classic film Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans won him the innovation award at the Scottish Jazz Awards in 2012. The film won the Unique and Artistic Picture Award at the First Academy Awards in 1929. 

Written for guitar, cello, tenor saxophone and drums, the piece was originally performed by Graeme guitar; Pete Harvey, cello; Phil Bancroft, tenor sax; and Chris Wallace, drums.

Aberdeen-born Graeme Stephen leads and contributes to a multitude of musical  projects  in  Scotland  and  overseas,  playing  a wide array of styles from free improvised jazz to Scottish folk. He  is  a  very  unusual  jazz  guitarist  in  that  he  is  as  skilled  and comfortable  playing  in  a  virtuoso  way  over  standards  and  chord changes, as he is heading into completely free improvised soundscapes.

"Murnau’s Sunrise is a compelling story full of drama, with storms both emotional and meteorological, private moments, bustling public scenes, a twisting plot and a not easily reached happy ending. It calls for a detailed score, and it got one here as Stephen set the scene with hypnotic guitar work that gave way to a veritable harvest of beautifully written vignettes" – The Herald

The event will take the form of a Hallowe’en-themed evening to get the festival going with a seasonal swing.


                                                          Saturday 28th October       

The Crusaders Time Machine

A nostalgic musical homage to one of the best-selling jazz groups of all time will take centre stage at this year’s Skye Swing Jazz Festival.

Beginning life in the early ’50s, The Crusaders, in their various forms, produced over 40 albums and fired some of R&B’s best-loved artists, such as Randy Crawford, Wayne Henderson, Hubert Laws and Bill Withers, into immediate stardom.

Gordon McNeil, tenor sax; Rick Taylor, trombone; Malcolm MacFarlane, guitar; Paul Harrison, piano and electric piano; Mario Caribe, double bass, electric bass and arrangements; Stuart Brown, drums are The Crusaders Time Machine and they will pay tribute to the enduring ’70’s sounds of The Crusaders – one of the most important and unduly neglected vital component of the jazz tradition.

The first set is made of tunes from the hard-bop era, followed by the second set featuring hits from the groovy period.

This is a time travel through the history of this great band.








This is a joint production with Seall Arts one of the liveliest rural arts promoters in Scotland who this year celebrated 25yrs of arts promotion.

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