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Rick Taylor Online Teaching and Mentoring

Module 1. Instrumental Technique Development.

Module 2. Theory and Harmony.

Module 3. Arranging and Orchestration.

Module 4. 'Whole - Range' Workout. 

Modules 1 to 3 will be individually tailored to the participants needs. Each module encompasses players from beginners to advanced ability. Each participant will receive a Skype tutorial with Rick on a fortnightly basis and each lesson will provide 2 weeks practice and study. The participants will be expected to demonstrate a suitable level of progression no matter how small in each Skype session. 

For all modules support material will be provided in PDF format and practice aids as high quality downloads or CDs. Hard copies of all worksheets and support material can be provided by post.

Module 1 - Instrumental Technique Development 

A chance to study your instrument in a graduated course will eventually lead to chromatic control of your instrument over its whole range.

Module 2 - Theory and Harmony

Theory - The participants will study basic theory including clefs, note values, rest values, keys etc.  (as the ability of the participant requires).

Harmony - The participants will study simple chords and there uses, to more complex chord structures in all keys. A clear explanation of Modes, 'Parent' scales and derivations for all chords.

Module 3 - Arranging and Orchestration

How to write and arrange for anything from a Trio to a large mixed ensemble (25 players or more). Graded exercises that will develop your ability as an arranger/orchestrator.

In consultation with Rick modules can be mixed in accordance with the participants needs.

Module 4. 'Whole - Range' Workout 

An advanced twelve week course, six days per week, minimum ONE hour practice per day. This course will vastly improve your confidence, your accuracy of pitch and intonation and revolutionise the way you play your instrument.

*Those of you who are 'beginner/intermediate' level need not be dismayed, start Module 1 with Rick and by your 4th session you can have a timetable which will help you aim toward Module 4.*