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Pitbull - Fireball ft. John Ryan (Oscar Kaines Remix)


Oscar Kaines

FOTS Records are delighted to welcome Oscar Kaines to the label. A DJ and Dance Music artist Oscar's style is ready to set hearts thumping and feet jumping.

 Here is a bit of info about Oscar. 

Musical Influences..
My musical influences are mainly dance artists like tiesto,Calvin Harris , avicii, David guetta through to earlier artists in my younger days such as mark-eg, gammer, Darren styles.. However I have been influenced a lot by artists from 60's , 70's , 80's , 90's ( anything with a groove that makes you want to tap you're feet)
1st gig I went to..
Elgin when I was 19 , it was a small event playing house and trance music . I can't remember the dj's but I remember how in love I was with the big sound and the thump from the bass bins

How I got into music..
I learned the basics on how to play the decks by I good friend and then progressed to perfect the art of beat matching which, over the years give me the desire to delve deeper into the physics of music .. It took me 12 years (October 2012) though before I was persuaded by Rick Taylor to spend a weekend with him and try the mixing side of things.. I picked up the basics that weekend quite quickly ( big thanks to rick ) and after returning home I purchased the equipment necessary to get cracking with it at my own home.. It has been exceptionally hard learning the software and learning how to write and compose but all has been well worth the effort as I am now creating the sound the I love.
How do I describe my work….
My work I would say is a big room sound with lots of trance,techno , big bass and thumping kicks and a hint of folk,jazz and rock.
I grew up in a small fishing town in the North East of Scotland called  Buckie . I was lucky to have a good solid family upbringing with lots of support with my all my decisions in life 

I hope to take my music all the way to the top, I still have so much to learn but I believe that through more hard work I can achieve this goal.

Working with Rick Taylor has been amazing . I've known rick for many years but musically we have only been working together since October 2012. I owe everything to Rick, for having the belief in me to get this far and for giving his amazing musical knowledge. I feel comfortable in the studio with Rick ,  We work well together and have developed a strong friendship
Hope you enjoy the music.